Why choose Flexiscreen over scaffold sheeting for temporary dust control?

Flexiscreen can be more cost-effective

Flexiscreen can be a more cost-effective solution compared to scaffold sheeting, especially for projects that last for more than two months. Extra hire costs are applicable for supporting scaffold structures in the event that a project takes longer than initially planned, so using this solution can also mean that projects go over budget. However, this isn’t the case for Flexiscreen where all costs are agreed upfront. 

Flexiscreen creates a dust tight seal 

The use of scaffold sheeting leaves an opening between eyelets and panels, yet the use of Flexiscreen, which has a structural v-overlap system, results in the creation of a dust tight seal that is over 99% effective. Scaffold sheeting is not able to effectively seal to a building’s perimeter, whereas Flexiscreen can do just that. 

Flexiscreen takes up less floor space 

Stability requirements make it inevitable that a scaffold tower would have to take up a good deal of floor space at the base. However, the unique design of Flexiscreen means that it takes no more than just a few millimetres, and can therefore be made use of in very tight spaces, to maximise available floor space. 

Flexiscreen can create a secure enclosure 

Creating a secure enclosure around construction and building works can be easily achieved with Flexiscreen. Digi-lock pedestrian doors (complete with push pad fire exits) and large access curtain doors, which can only be unlocked from within, can also be included. These kinds of access options are not manufactured into, or designed to be a part of scaffold sheeting solutions. 

Flexiscreen can handle air pressure 

Structural joints deliberately built into Flexiscreen mean that it is able to withstand internal air pressure far better than scaffold sheeting. In extreme cases where there are very large openings and the potential for a large pressure build up, Flexiscreen can even have automatic pressure release vents designed in. 

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