The benefits of a fabric partition wall far outweigh those of a solid wall

1. Adaptable to change

A semi-permanent partition is designed to be in place for as long as required but with the flexibility to be reconfigured, relocated or removed – perfect for use in multi storage warehouses or factories susceptible to change and development.

2. Quick installation

A fabric factory partition takes less time to install than a solid partition wall meaning less downtime on production and operational schedules.

3. Minimum installation mess

Flexiwall® is made from pre-designed and manufactured fire rated PVC panels, which don’t create dust or mess during installation.This reduces clean up costs and time.

4. Ideal for rented space

There are often limitations to the type of construction work that can be carried out in rented spaces. But Flexiwall® is installed and removed (if required) without causing damage to the existing building.

5. Maximise floor space

The materials used in solutions like Flexiwall® are light weight and suspended using existing structures. This results in a partition that takes up very little floor space.

6. Cost-effective

Because of the materials used, it’s a quick and easy installation method and because it can be reconfigured to meet changing requirements, Flexiwall is an extremely cost-effective solution.

If you’re looking for an alternative to solid factory partitioning contact us at Westgate and ask about Flexiwall®.

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