Infrared Heater Package Deals this Christmas - Saving You Money & Time

All Packages Offer Cost Savings & Include Heaters that have been Matched to Controls that Suit Particular Applications

All Packages:

✅ Include VAT and free delivery (to mainland UK)

✅ Save you time

✅ Ensure you get the best possible price

✅ Save you £12 all the way to £340!

✅ Have multi-functionality 

✅ Are a great gift idea!

Low Glare Equestrian Heater Pack

Heat My Space have combined Low Glare Infrared Heaters (The Tansun Monaco Ultra Low Glare Heater) with a Push Button Timer (Tansun / Infresco). Low Glare heaters emit a strong and steady heat, unaffected by wind or draughts, with an ambient glow rather than a red glare. The electric infrared heaters are manufactured in Britain by market leading manufacturer Tansun with the finest materials to the upmost quality. When these heaters are matched with a Push Button Timer, at the press of the button the heater lamps will be turned on for a pre-determined amount of time that you have set (approx 1 - 30 minutes). Once the time has elapsed, the lamps automatically turn off - ensuring safety, energy saving & money saving. 

The heaters would be wall mounted at 45 degrees, a minimum of 0.5m from the ceiling and 1m from the side wall. Depending on the model, it would be mounted at a minimum of 2 - 3.5m from the floor.

Three variations of Low Glare Equestrian Heater Packs have been made for different sized horses, stables and enclosures.

An additional package has been constructed with one Low Glare infrared heater matched with a APP Controller. This enables you to turn on your horse heater ON when you want, from where you want, for a set amount of time - ensuring flexibility and ease. The heater can also be controlled by remote handset and manually by the toggle switch!

Infrared Yard Heater Packs

With the same Push Button Timer Controls as the Equestrian Heater Packs with the Tansun Monaco replaced by the Tansun Rio IP.

These packages have been designed for use in Yards, Livery Yards, Horse Grooming Zones, External Washrooms, Bathrooms & Shower Blocks potentially situated in Farmyard Accommodation. The Tansun Rio IP is a weatherproof and durable outside heater. By emitting a red glow it also gives the illusion of extra warmth. 

Slimline and lightweight The Tansun Rio IP is 2.4kg and has an Ingress Protection rating of 24. Mount this heater at a minimum of 2m from the ground, 0.3m from the ceiling and 1.5m from the wide wall. 

Electric Infrared Heater & Control Packages are the ideal ready-made Christmas gift to your horse or to the horse owner in your family!

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