Windows and Glazing includes everything you need to let light and natural ventilation into any space, both internally and externally – think glazing systems, glazing units, passive windows, secondary windows, window accessories, window components, window screens, and windows.

Windows and accessories are used in the vast majority of commercial, residential, and industrial properties, including gyms, sports centres, schools, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, and office buildings.

Through SpecifiedBy, you can search the biggest range of products in the UK, allowing you to source and compare the best windows and accessories solutions for your project, from some of the industry’s leading suppliers, including Alcoa, Astralux, Bereco, Colt UK, DBP Partners Lts, Décor Systems, Eurocell, Glassolutions, and Green Building Store.

Search and compare curtain walling, direct glazing, fire resisting glazing systems, glazing clips, double glazing units, leaded glass, toughened glass, wired glass, triple-glazing units, window hinges, window locks, window pivots, and much, much more.

CUIN Insulated Glass Units (IGU)

Crystal Units Ltd
CUIN is the ‘eco-friendly’ glazing specification for your project. Significantly reducing the carbon footprint from manufacture to delivery and during the life of the building. Consideration to sustainability within an ecological framework is the norm in p...

Insulated Glass Units (IGU) for Commercial Projects

Crystal Units Ltd
Crystal Units is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of commercial glazing developments. Always thriving to be at the forefront of glass technology we continually invest in quality, high-tech machinery and industrial science. Our workforce is constant...

Insulated Glass Units (IGU) for Residential Projects

Crystal Units Ltd
The pressures of sustainable homes are ever growing, and as recognition of these expectations changes, Crystal Units offers a range of high-tech glazing to suit any property. We include all the added benefits that specialist glasses can provide for a sustainab...

NU-CLR Heated Glazing Units

Crystal Units Ltd
Crystal Units Ltd – Like the form, represents the many facets in today's’ demands for innovative glazing. Modern Architecture requires sophisticated glazing to accommodate the creative enhancement of each building while incorporating the environmental requ...

Insulated Glass Units (IGU) for Heritage Projects

Crystal Units Ltd
Crystal Units manufactures its glass to have all the benefits of modern double glazing, without compromising on the integrity or value of a period property. Whether it is a 1920’s Art Deco building or a 1960’s tower block, Crystal units can faithfully repl...

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