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New England Shutter Co
Our New England design shutters are made in the traditional style with a plantation tilt-rod to open and close the blades. In a simple white painted finish, New England design shutters offer a timeless elegance to your home interior. Choosing a vibrant colour ...

SOHO - Window Shutters

New England Shutter Co
With clean, uncluttered lines, Soho window shutters are a bold style statement. The Soho range provides a contemporary, architectural look using the same hidden tilt mechanism and flat stiles as Manhattan. The Soho blades are rebated into each other, giving an...

NEW YORK - Window Shutters

New England Shutter Co
Highly architectural in design, our exclusive New York window shutters feature deep, angled blades which are closed in the down position. When open, the blades create an interesting shadow line, and will reflect natural light back into your room whilst still p...

SOLID - Window Shutters

New England Shutter Co
Solid shutters can be used as window coverings, doors, room dividers or free­-standing screens. As a classic design feature, solid shutters provide privacy and solar shading throughout your home. Like all of our shutters, solid shutters help to keep in heat d...

MANHATTAN - Window Shutters

New England Shutter Co
Create a contemporary look with the clean lines of our stylish Manhattan design shutters. The Manhattan range is made with a completely concealed tilting mechanism hidden within the stiles, allowing the blades to open and close simply by tilting two blades and...

HIGHLINE - Window Shutters

New England Shutter Co
Our new and exclusive Highline design is made with squared-­off blades, to create an angular profile. With a large-­scale, industrial style, the Highline design is ideal for use in games rooms, studies or offices, in addition to living rooms, kitchens, bedro...