Walls & Partitions are a key part of any construction project – forming the structure and the load-carrying element of the building. Walls & Partitions are essential in buildings of all sizes and types, including everything from homes, offices, and blocks of flats, through to commercial and industrial properties.

This category encompasses everything from external walls, internal walls, and structural frames, through to façade glazing, structural components and protection, and structural reinforcement.

Whether you’re looking for cavity wall stabilisation, external wall components, curtain wall systems, patent glazing, shopfront screens, fixed partitions, temporary protective partitions, column casings, damp-proof courses, underground glass protection, vapour barriers, lintels, sills, or anything in between, SpecifiedBy will allow you to search and compare the most extensive range of Structural Frames and Walls in the UK marketplace, with minimum effort.

Manufacturers include A Proctor Group, Alcoa, ARC Building Solutions, CWG Choices, Duraflex, Keystone Lintels, NUDURA, and more.

pleinAir: Transparent partitions for office spaces

Clestra Hauserman
Clestra Hauserman's pleinAir partition is an office partition with absolute composure that is completely transparent. Double and single glazed are available in 10 or 12 mm and are housed in a minimal base. The glass is specially machined to enable the use of a...

Baya: Lightweight glazing partitions to fit

Clestra Hauserman
Light and rigorous design for Baya, the new office partition of Clestra Hauserman. Baya partitions are available in single and double glazed version to give parity of design. Frameless glazed partitions, panels and doors are flush fitting to the corridors....

Synchrone: Modular glass and steel partitions for office spaces

Clestra Hauserman
The Synchrone partition is a metal or glazed partition which is monobloc, movable and modular. The size of the standard panels (600, 675 or 750 mm) makes them easier to install. As the junction fixing system is embedded into the panel, a pencil line vertical j...

Metropolines 2: Functional and modular office partitions

Clestra Hauserman
Metropolines 2: a new multiple, functional and pragmatic partition system allows the designer to meet the needs of today, whilst incorporating the flexibility for future change. The choice of materials, layouts and finishes is enormous....

Metropolines 1: Stylish glass partitions to fit

Clestra Hauserman
Lightweight, stylish and quality of manufacture characterise the new office partition Metropolines 1, designed as a glass skin stretched between minimal structures. Despite the lightness of appearance, the acoustic performance is high. Metropolines 1 offers a ...

Synops: Acoustic and fire

Clestra Hauserman
Clestra Hauserman's Synops range is a range of metal or glazed partitions which are made-to-measure, monobloc and movable. Our clients can define the module, the floor to ceiling height, and the types and shapes of glazing to the exact millimeter to suit all t...

Photo: Demountable and relocatable office partitions

Clestra Hauserman
The Photo partition is a completely modular solution offering total flexibility for relocation whilst maintaining a high aesthetic visual appearance. The bond process is completely transparent. The visual appearance is that of continuously flush-fitted glass w...

Mediawall: Multimedia connected partition

Clestra Hauserman
CLESTRA MediaWall is a seamlessly integrated collaborative presentation solution that brings meetings to life, facilitates collaboration and increases productivity. With CLESTRA MediaWall, the partition no longer serves to simply separate and define space, bu...

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