Walls & Partitions are a key part of any construction project – forming the structure and the load-carrying element of the building. Walls & Partitions are essential in buildings of all sizes and types, including everything from homes, offices, and blocks of flats, through to commercial and industrial properties.

This category encompasses everything from external walls, internal walls, and structural frames, through to façade glazing, structural components and protection, and structural reinforcement.

Whether you’re looking for cavity wall stabilisation, external wall components, curtain wall systems, patent glazing, shopfront screens, fixed partitions, temporary protective partitions, column casings, damp-proof courses, underground glass protection, vapour barriers, lintels, sills, or anything in between, SpecifiedBy will allow you to search and compare the most extensive range of Structural Frames and Walls in the UK marketplace, with minimum effort.

Manufacturers include A Proctor Group, Alcoa, ARC Building Solutions, CWG Choices, Duraflex, Keystone Lintels, NUDURA, and more.

Uno & Duplo

Uno and Duplo partitions are an economic answer to the division of large and small areas. The systems are top hung without the need for floor rails or guides. Both systems are 'tailor-made' to fit thereby avoiding the need to adapt openings to suit standard si...

Monoplan - Sliding & Folding Partitions

The Monoplan is a top quality moveable wall system that allows you to optimise the use of available space with speed and ease. These sophisticated acoustic operable walls do not require a floor track and yet once positioned the interlocking panels form a rigi...

SM Folding Walls

This competitively priced system also known as a Hinged Panel Wall combines the ease and speed of a Sliding Folding Partition with the 'permanent' appearance of a Moveable Wall System. By the very nature of its design the system incorporates a pass door at no...

Monoglass - Fixed Partitions

Becker Glass Walls are the latest addition to the Becker range of products. The system combines elegance with strength and security making it ideal for the retail industry, office environments and numerous other applications. ...

Versiplan - Sliding & Folding Partitions

The versiplan is a high quality sliding/folding partition, which in the closed position presents a flat panelled elevation entirely free of visible hinges. The system is available in four levels of acoustic insulation from 27dB to 36dB. It can be top hung wi...


The Harmonica-in-Vinyl Concertina Partition provides the most economical solution to sub-division of areas allowing for excellent room dividers. These folding room dividers are custom made to your requirements. Room layouts can be altered with utmost speed an...

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