Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and materials, wall finishes are designed to enhance the interior or exterior appearance of a structure.

Internal wall finishes include chemical resistance finishes, fire resistance finishes, hygienic finishes, impact resistant finishes, cladding, cornices, mouldings, wall covering sheets, wall lining, plaster, and service duct access doors and panels.

External wall finishes, on the other hand, include anti-graffiti coatings, brick slips, cladding gratings, metal cladding, render lathing, rainscreen cladding, solar cladding, weatherboarding, composite wall panels, wall coatings, fabrics, and cladding tiles and slabs.

A range of both internal wall finishes and external wall finishes can be found on SpecifiedBy from a range of manufacturers, including K Rend, Johnson Tiles, Armourcoat, British Gypsum, Formica, Silva Timber and many more.

Tonality Terracotta

T.I. Dynamic Facades
The smart Terracotta Rain Screen system that engineers out the complexities of other, inferior rainscreen systems. With an extensive range of module sizes and colors, Tonality Tonality undoubtedly offers the most comprehensive and exciting system in today's m...

Aerolite Stonework

T.I. Dynamic Facades
Aerolite Stonework is 5mm thick natural stone veneer, reinforced with a 12mm & 15mm thick natural granite backing. The granite backing is profiled to facilitate easy installation on to two horizontal rails, top and bottom. Other fixing systems are also availab...

Engineered Ston

T.I. Dynamic Facades
Uniform colouring with the contemporary look of marble or limestone. Engineered Ston is a cement based reconstituted panel produced under extreme pressure this binds the pigmented cement and mineral aggregates. The panels are 15mm thick with fibreglass reinfor...

Aerolite Granite

T.I. Dynamic Facades
Aerolite Granite is 17mm natural granite reinforced with an epoxy resin impregnation and a glass fibre reinforcement backing. The granite has the same qualities as conventional granite cladding of a greater thickness and can be fixed by our Ti-G, Ti-B or Ti-A ...


T.I. Dynamic Facades
UrbanGlass is a product of beauty and performance designed to create facades of unique and stunning appearance. It is harder than granite, with a crystal appearance and is available in a choice of 5 consistent through colours, in matt, or polished. There are...

Aerolite Ultralite

T.I. Dynamic Facades
Ultralite is 7mm natural stone veneer bonded to a 20mm thick aluminium honeycomb cassette panel. Ultralite is the lightest natural stone product in our range. Like all our products, Ultralite is designed to utilise our unique range of fixing systems that reduc...

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