Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and materials, wall finishes are designed to enhance the interior or exterior appearance of a structure.

Internal wall finishes include chemical resistance finishes, fire resistance finishes, hygienic finishes, impact resistant finishes, cladding, cornices, mouldings, wall covering sheets, wall lining, plaster, and service duct access doors and panels.

External wall finishes, on the other hand, include anti-graffiti coatings, brick slips, cladding gratings, metal cladding, render lathing, rainscreen cladding, solar cladding, weatherboarding, composite wall panels, wall coatings, fabrics, and cladding tiles and slabs.

A range of both internal wall finishes and external wall finishes can be found on SpecifiedBy from a range of manufacturers, including K Rend, Johnson Tiles, Armourcoat, British Gypsum, Formica, Silva Timber and many more.

Stolit - Rendering

The original acrylic render. Stolit is universally tintable in the full 800 colours of the StoColor System, and features high colour stability with no need for an equalisation coat. Easy to apply with a trowel or airless spray machine, and with optimum adhesio...

StoSilco - Rendering

A true silicone resin render, available in 764 colours from the StoColor System. Extremely high water repellence makes StoSilco the ideal render for areas exposed to harsh weather and at risk of algae growth....

Sto Brick Slips

Sto-Brick Slips are manufactured from synthetic render, providing the same durable, weatherproof properties as Stolit, but with a simulated brick appearance. Compatible with all Sto facade systems, you can match the design of nearby buildings without compromis...


A robust acrylic render with exposed aggregate for a natural stone appearance, available in 13 colours. StoSuperlit can be applied over entire surfaces or as a highlight on entrance axes, balconies and plinths....

StoVentec Glass

Glass always impresses, and our panels offer a wealth of design possibilities to create further impact. Curves, vivid colours and even screen printing options are all available depending on your vision and creative ambitions. StoVentec Glass can be used both a...

StoVentec R

A ventilated rainscreen cladding system with a seamless render finish - and no limit on the lightness value. The StoVentec R system is fixed to the exterior wall with an adjustable aluminium sub-construction. This creates a cavity between the facade and the re...


A breakthrough in render technology. StoLotusan is the only render with the patented Lotus-Effect , demonstrating unbeatable water and dirt repellence. Every time it rains, the rainwater simply rolls off the facade, picking up loose dirt as it goes....

StoRend - Synthetic Systems

The StoRend range of render systems allow you the flexibility to realise even the most demanding designs: whether flat or curved, concave or convex, white or vibrantly coloured. By specifying Sto thin-coat synthetic renders, you avoid the problems associated w...

StoDeco Facade Profiles

The StoDeco range of profiles and rustications is developed from the remarkable material Verofill, manufactured from 96% recycled ash. Extremely lightweight and easy to shape and install, the StoDeco range provides excellent weather resistance and physical pro...

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