Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and materials, wall finishes are designed to enhance the interior or exterior appearance of a structure.

Internal wall finishes include chemical resistance finishes, fire resistance finishes, hygienic finishes, impact resistant finishes, cladding, cornices, mouldings, wall covering sheets, wall lining, plaster, and service duct access doors and panels.

External wall finishes, on the other hand, include anti-graffiti coatings, brick slips, cladding gratings, metal cladding, render lathing, rainscreen cladding, solar cladding, weatherboarding, composite wall panels, wall coatings, fabrics, and cladding tiles and slabs.

A range of both internal wall finishes and external wall finishes can be found on SpecifiedBy from a range of manufacturers, including K Rend, Johnson Tiles, Armourcoat, British Gypsum, Formica, Silva Timber and many more.

Seamless Abutment Architrave - SA16

SA Solutions
Recently patented solutions in drywall transitions. Pre-formed gypsum based sections, which are created with a leading tapered edge, take all the difficulties of drywall transitions and incorporate them within a section that can butt at 90 degrees with the pla...

Fair Ends - Seamless Internal Wall Finishes

SA Solutions
SA Solutions’ use of the patented abutment technology is the production of fair ends resulted in elements that offer an easier, and more efficient alternative to the standard method of construction. They offer a neater finish than that seen with the use o...

Head and Corner

SA Solutions
SA Solutions’ seamless abutment drywall range offers numerous flash gap details, ranging from 5mm to 12mm, within its head detail. When finished, through the use of SA Seamless abutment technology, the resulting detail is neater and without the presence of r...

Customised Seamless Abutments

SA Solutions
Our standard range of SA seamless abutments are intended to cover the majority of your drywall detailing requirements, however, we strive to be flexible and meet the demands for any customised Seamless Abutment variations. By exploring our standard range Seam...

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