Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and materials, wall finishes are designed to enhance the interior or exterior appearance of a structure.

Internal wall finishes include chemical resistance finishes, fire resistance finishes, hygienic finishes, impact resistant finishes, cladding, cornices, mouldings, wall covering sheets, wall lining, plaster, and service duct access doors and panels.

External wall finishes, on the other hand, include anti-graffiti coatings, brick slips, cladding gratings, metal cladding, render lathing, rainscreen cladding, solar cladding, weatherboarding, composite wall panels, wall coatings, fabrics, and cladding tiles and slabs.

A range of both internal wall finishes and external wall finishes can be found on SpecifiedBy from a range of manufacturers, including K Rend, Johnson Tiles, Armourcoat, British Gypsum, Formica, Silva Timber and many more.


Make a striking design statement with your building. Give it shine and lustre with a modern engineered facade of ROCKPANEL Metallics. The metallic sheen created with the Metallics range plays with the light to create unexpected colours and effects. ROCKPANEL ...


ROCKPANEL Natural is the most elemental version in the selection. Under the influence of climate the look of this durable board material changes. Sunlight produces a natural weathering and colouration of the boards comparable to that of other natural materials...


The better solution to wooden or plastic tongue-and-groove products ROCKPANEL Lines² are panels with a tongue and groove edge suitable for horizontal application in ventilated constructions. Lines² 10 S and XL can also be installed vertically. Contact ROCKPA...


For a colourfast statement for your design vision, ROCKPANEL Rockclad is the perfect choice. The range offers a wide variety of over 100 standard colours and we can even create a colour to fit your design vision exactly. ROCKPANEL Rockclad is a highly durable...


ROCKPANEL Chameleon brings an extraordinary and surprising perception to your building, for a real ‘wow factor’. The ROCKPANEL Chameleon range is finished with a unique crystal layer which, depending on the angle from which it’s viewed and the effect of ...


If the exact colour you require for your design does not appear in our range, or if you want to accentuate even the smallest detail of the building, use ROCKPANEL Ply. This board material has been primed and can be given a finish coat in any colour you wish. R...


ROCKPANEL Brilliant board material which is, in common with all the other ROCKPANEL designs, at the cutting edge of contemporary design. The new range offers 16 aesthetic finishes, which provide plenty of opportunities for you to use your imagination. Be amaze...


Give your building a natural and harmonious feel with ROCKPANEL Woods. ROCKPANEL Woods is manufactured through a careful and innovative production process. The boards can scarcely be differentiated from real wood. ROCKPANEL Woods is available in 5 oak and 4 e...

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