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Muralplast MSP (Multi Surface Paint)

Protecting and decorating building surfaces to a consistent standard and appearance could not be easier than with new Muralplast MSP, a unique Multi Surface Paint. MSP was specially developed to meet the needs of specifiers who wish to maintain a consistent ap...

MP Quartz - Timber Coatings & Protection

Muralplast MP Quartz is a surface treatment well suited to all masonry and mineral based surfaces on historic buildings and modern architecture, providing an aesthetically pleasing natural finish in a wide range of colours. Extreme weather conditions and tempe...

Muralplast Super Flex Flyer

Muralplast Super-Flex is a flexible, elastomeric coating which forms a seamless waterproof membrane to economically prevent or cure leaks in roofs, gutters and walls. Water-based and free from toxic hazards, SuperFlex remains flexible and elastic over many yea...

M-Guard Timber

The next generation of treatments for the protection of untreated timber and restored wood. It is not a coating but a decorative formulation that penetrates the wood fibres making them completely waterproof and stain resistant without affecting the natural str...

M-Tred WB - Timber Coatings & Protection

Total protection of porous building surfaces such as natural stone, concrete, terracotta, cement and self-locking paving. Limits the formation of efflorescence and the growth of moss and lichen. Can be applied to external and internal horizontal and vertical s...

M-Guard Timber Plus

As M-Guard Timber but specially formulated for use on decking, wood floors and any horizontal surface. Slip-resistant, it also has high resistance to abrasion and scratches and provides protection against UV radiation and decay. It restricts the growth of moss...

Muralplast Extra-Flex

With the capacity to stretch up to to 400%, Muralplast Extra-Flex masonry paint is ideally suited to the protection of exterior masonry, roughcast, pebble-dash, brickwork, cement and concrete rendered surfaces. It provides a smooth, satin finish coating that w...

Muralplast Interior-Flex

Specially formulated for coating interior walls and ceilings, Muralplast Interior-Flex is an elastomeric matt emulsion paint that will bridge hairline cracks. It will also flex with the substrate preventing further cracking that would otherwise occur with conv...