Search 20+ Tanking from leading Substructure manufacturers including; Triton Systems, Delta Membrane Systems Limited and Clarehill Plastics Ltd.

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Other popular types of Substructure include; Retaining Walls, Protection Systems and Piling.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Tanking include; Material, Typical Use and Thickness.

Infinity Tanking Kit

On The Level Showers Ltd
Fully waterproof your INFINITY wet room with this product specific tanking kit. This kit includes everything you need to take you up to tiling stage. The OTL tanking is a liquid rubber which forms a waterproof membrane onto the floor and wall surface. Ref: ...

OTL 026 Small Tanking Sleeves

On The Level Showers Ltd
As part of our classic wet room tanking system these outlet sleeves are supplied pre-made with an elasticated hole in the centre to seal around water inlet pipes. The tanking sleeves measure 120mm x 120mm....