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Clestra Irys Free Standing Pods

Clestra Hauserman
Unlike many other solutions Clestra Irys utilizes the maximum of light achieved by the unique glass fin returns and glass ceiling, allowing for the sense of openness with superb diagonal views. The system considers not only the inside implied space but also the outside un-implied but encouraging our clients to integrate IT, way finding and collaborative whiteboards. There are 54nr standard choices of panel finishes - fabric, metal both perforated and solid, veneer and laminate. The main structure we call the ‘bridge’ can be supplied without glass so this area could be used to define a workings area without acoustic separation. In essence Irys can allow a stimulating space suitable for so many uses. The system is supplied completely prewired and only requires a 13 amp power source to plug into at low level. From this point onwards the power, USB charging, PIR controlled lighting and air handling is all supplied by Clestra. The overall installation is without any cutting and is

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