What Are Sound Absorbing Panels?

Sound absorbing panels are designed to absorb noise within a room by providing soft surfaces with sound absorption properties.

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Other popular types of Acoustic Insulation include; Acoustic Insulation Systems, Acoustic Insulation Boards and Acoustic Screens.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Sound Absorber Panels & Tiles include; Material(s), Colour(s) and Finish(es).

Cubism Acoustic Panel

Soundtect Ltd.
Cubism, one of the six 3D designs on the Soundtect range of acoustic panels. Designed with its four differently leveled plains in one panel to give maximum diffusion along with the absorption qualities that all Soundtect panels possess creating not only has ...

Prism Acoustic Wall Panel

Soundtect Ltd.
Prism; an angular, geometric design offering superb diffusion and absorption in noisy areas or rooms that are suffering from excessive noise. Suitable for installations on walls and ceilings Made from 100% polyester, with over 50% recycled content. The panel...

Technics Acoustic Panel

Soundtect Ltd.
This design of panel is more than an acoustic enhancement- it is a piece of three-dimensional art. Adding a distinct visual appeal to any room, this panel is suitable for both work and play areas as with most of our panels. Strip-like ridges like pipes running...

Wave Acoustic Wall Panel

Soundtect Ltd.
Fluid and intriguing with its deep undulating curves and dips, Wave acoustic panel brings movement and life to walls, making it a true feature in any room. The depth of panel is designed to give it a high absorption of sound resulting in a super-efficient 0.95...

Forest - 3D acoustic panel

Soundtect Ltd.
Taking inspiration from nature, Forest is the latest addition to the Soundtect range, emulating natures greatest gift. The depth of panel is designed to give it a high absorption of sound resulting in a super-efficient 0.95 NRC Soundtect Soundtect Forest panel...

Tetris Acoustic Panel

Soundtect Ltd.
In a fusion of geometry and raised spheres, Tetris combines art with function in this fascinating wall ensemble, easily adapting to both residential and commercial settings. Different colour finishes and the option to paint your own colour, makes them versatil...

Class Bespoke - made to order acoustic panels

Soundtect Ltd.
Soundtect proudly introduces our CLASS Bespoke Range, permitting designs without boundaries, creating opportunities to bring new ideas to life with our proven highly effective and beautifully engineered acoustic panels. Manufactured from the same highly eff...