Rooflights and Roof windows allow you to inject light, air, and functionality into the roof of any structure. Rooflights and Roof Windows can have applications in commercial, residential, and industrial properties and structures. This category includes everything from roof windows and rooflights, through to rooflight components.

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A98 Roof glazing

Vitral UK Ltd
The development of A98, which is based on A74, has resulted in a series of unique features. With A98 having a U-value of just 0.79 W/m²K we have created the most sustainable glass roof system available. The slim frames and shallow profiles combined with a...

VRS Roof Glazing

Vitral UK Ltd
VRS is a select panel based glass roof system with profiles made of brushed stainless steel. The steel complements other materials used in modern architecture excellently, giving any building a special finish. VRS is characterised by a pure design with slim ...

SkyVision Flat Roof Skylights

Vitral UK Ltd
SkyVision roof light is an attractive roof light window allowing a maximum of natural light in a timeless, clean aesthetic design. The heat loss is minimal and the noise reduction optimum. SkyVision is available in six types - SkyVision Fixed, SkyVision Comfor...

Panoramic Roof Glazing

Vitral UK Ltd
Panoramic is a three panel pitched window for roof installation. Unique gas struts enable opening of single panels or the window as a whole. Panoramic is a unique quality product, allowing almost four square metres of natural light and air into the building a...

SkyVision Fixed

Vitral UK Ltd
Fixed is the non-venting variant and the perfect solution where natural light and a clean aesthetic are key. Even a single roof light can transform a dull room and flood the space with natural light from above. SkyVision is manufactured according to customer ...

SkyVision Comfort

Vitral UK Ltd
Comfort is the solution if daylight and natural ventilation are needed. The roof light is opened by a chain motor which is integrated and thereby fully concealed in the kerb. An elegant and functional solution which ensures natural ventilation is provided with...

SkyVision Linear

Vitral UK Ltd
SkyVision Linear is the latest addition to the SkyVision family. SkyVision Linear is a unique solution that makes it possible to fit roof light sections together to form a continuous system without the need for additional structure. Our unique design means tha...

SkyVision Access

Vitral UK Ltd
Vitral launches the next SkyVision roof light family member, SkyVision Access. SkyVision Access can be used for: Smoke ventilation, e.g. at the top of a staircase, opening by means of a pressure switch or an emergency fire switch. SkyVision Access can be pro...

SkyVision Circular

Vitral UK Ltd
SkyVision Circular includes a circular top plate fitted with gaskets, to be placed on top of the upstand (not VITRAL). SkyVision is manufactured according to customer specifications and is available in the following sizes - Circular: 900 mm-1350 mm (diameter)...

SkyVision Walk-On

Vitral UK Ltd
Walk-On Rooflights Walk-On is for areas with pedestrians (e.g. terraces, roof gardens and green roofs). The panes consist of 52 mm special glass tested for a load of 500 kg per m². An opaque laminate may be added for increased privacy. We also offer an anti-...

SkyVision Ecoline

Vitral UK Ltd
With a U-value of 0.65 W/m² K for the entire roof light Ecoline is the most energy efficient of all the SkyVision products. Ecoline comes with robust highly insulated triple layer glass. A strong solution when environmental aspects are top priority. SkyVisi...

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