Rooflights and Roof windows allow you to inject light, air, and functionality into the roof of any structure. Rooflights and Roof Windows can have applications in commercial, residential, and industrial properties and structures. This category includes everything from roof windows and rooflights, through to rooflight components.

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Roof access hatch with retractable ladder

Staka Roof Access Hatches
The TopAccess roof access hatch with retractable ladder is a integrated roof access solution. This not only results in an aesthetically appealing design but also time savings during installation. This is an ideal solution, especially for areas with a suspended...

Roof access hatch with fixed stairs

Staka Roof Access Hatches
Naturally there are various options for safe roof access. A roof hatch with fixed stairs offers you the most comfortable roof access, ideally suited for regular access to the roof or roof terrace. There are two versions: - The roof hatch with fixed design s...

Roof access hatch with fixed ladder

Staka Roof Access Hatches
When you have limited space on the floor yet still want to create a permanent means of access to the roof, a roof hatch with fixed vertical ladder is the best solution. Caged ladders are primarily used in high-ceiling areas such as warehouses, production halls...

Roof access hatch with extension ladder

Staka Roof Access Hatches
The TopAccess roof access hatch with extension ladder guarantees an insulated, safe means of access to the flat roof. This roof access option is mainly used for inspection and/or maintenance of the roof or equipment installed on the roof. The Staka SafeStepSys...

TopLight Glazed Roof Hatch

Staka Roof Access Hatches
A roof terrace is the finishing touch to your home. An outdoor space where you can enjoy the sunshine and relax is a valuable commodity. The great feeling starts when you open the hatch to your terrace. This was the original inspiration for the design of the T...

Roof access hatch without ladder/stairs

Staka Roof Access Hatches
With an insulation value of U=0.2/Rc=5, the Staka TopAccess roof hatch is the most energy efficient roof hatch available in the international market. The roof hatch is made of high quality recyclable aluminum and features a burglar-resistant 2-point closure. T...

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