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Other popular types of Doors include; Hinged Doors, Gates and Doorsets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Revolving Doors include; Diameter, Height and Typical Building Sector.

Full Vision Revolving Doors

Bauporte Doors UK Ltd.
These all-glass revolving doors by Bauporte have been developed into stable, always special entrances. The glass we use is from the best factories and if so desired, we can demonstrate them passing various burglar tests. The latest development is the special ...

Tall Revolving Doors

Bauporte Doors UK Ltd.
Stately and unique. Those are the words that best describe these specially developed entrance types by Bauporte. Entrances that exude what the customer wants to exude in their building. These buildings are designed almost exclusively by world-famous architects...

Prestige Revolving Doors

Bauporte Doors UK Ltd.
Bauporte specializes in high-quality revolving doors. Every door is custom-made from the very best materials. Extreme heights and diameters are no problem. Each door is completely custom-made from the best materials and meets the highest standards. We are con...

Nostalgia Revolving Doors

Bauporte Doors UK Ltd.
Characteristic 2, 3 or 4-winged revolving doors. Doors are made of wood, brass, cooper or bronze elements, giving the entrance an original and nostalgic look and feel. Bauporte can produce exact copies of 100-year-old doors with the advantages of the modern te...