Search 150+ Plaster from leading Internal Wall Finishes manufacturers including; Koster Aquatecnic, Terraco and Clayworks.

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Other popular types of Internal Wall Finishes include; Internal Wall Tiles, Wall Covering Sheets and Internal Cladding.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Plaster include; Finish(es), Certifications and Material.

Solo Onecoat Lime Plaster

Lime Green Products Ltd
A one-coat lime plaster for interior use on masonry and boards. Can be finished to a smooth surface suitable for decoration. Developed to give a high quality finish, Lime Green Onecoat lime plaster is a perfect labour and time saving interior lime plaster. Unl...

Ultra Lime Plaster Base Coat

Lime Green Products Ltd
Lime Green's Ultra is a lightweight insulating lime plaster base coat that is five to ten times thermally more efficient than other plasters. This makes it the perfect plastering base coat for building renovations, where it gives an additional insulation layer...

Duro Lime Plaster Base Coat

Lime Green Products Ltd
A general purpose lime undercoat plaster. Suitable for most masonry backgrounds. Great for renovation, conservation or eco-friendly new builds, it offers superior levels of breathability - perfect for walls with damp or salt problems since water can evaporate ...

Ionic Fine stuff Lime Putty Plaster

Lime Green Products Ltd
We've developed our lime-based plaster to be high-performance and long-lasting. Ionic fine stuff can be used for plaster finish coats, so is suitable for a wide range of projects including historic building renovations, and conservation work. Unlike gypsum pla...