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Other popular types of Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles, Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles and Hygienic Ceiling Panels & Tiles.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Plain Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Width, Fire Classification (European BS EN) and Length.

Puretone - Plain Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Sektor Interior Solutions
Puretone is a premium performance tile. This fleece covered tile provides a pure white, sandy smooth finish. Ideal for use in a number of settings including open and closed office spaces, boardrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums. Puretone is the complete all-...

Sahara Plain

Sektor Interior Solutions
A brilliant white, soft sandy finished tile, with high all-round performance Sahara Plain is the ideal, mid-range performance tile. This soft sandy finished tile is best suited for closed office environments, shops and schools. Sahara Plain is a modern brill...

Spintone Fine Fissured

Sektor Interior Solutions
An economical, non-directional fissured white tile for everyday applications. _Spintone Fine Fissured is an economical tile designed to meet basic specification needs. A non-directional, fissured tile that has been designed with contemporary styling in mind,...