Search 8 Pitched Roofs from leading Roofs manufacturers including; Rooflock, S and B EPS Ltd and Thermohouse UK Ltd..

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Other popular types of Roofs include; Flat Roofs, Glazed Roofs and Tensile Fabric Structures.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Pitched Roofs include; Certifications, Typical Use and Finish(es).

Bay Window Roofs

Stormking Plastics
What if your project could incorporate clever design ideas, whilst being cost-effective and safe? Install authentic architectural features that are well-insulated and need to little to no maintenance. If you could ensure quality fabrication assembled to ISO st...

Substation Roof

Stormking Plastics
The Stormking GRP substation roof has a removable roof (to Central Networks/Eon specification) with reproduction GRP tiled roof, all internal structural framework and fascia. Incorporating mild steel holding down brackets, complete with removable lifting eyebo...