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Other popular types of Sustainable Energy include; Wind Turbine, Roof Mounted Transpired Solar Collector and Solar Hot Water Collector.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Photovoltaic Panels (PV) include; Typical Building Sector, Certifications and Warranty.

Building Integrated Solar

Romag has been a pioneer in building integrated photovoltaic solutions (BIPV) and now has over 15 years’ experience in this market. We have provided a broad spectrum of building integrated photovoltaic products as an alternative to more conventional building...

Romag Solar Kits

With Romag's extensive glass processing experience, you can be assured that all our solar photovoltaic modules have a set of high performance features. Specifically our new lightweight and highest efficiency standard PV panel – the RSM 6 (60) is an incredibl...

Integrated Solar Roof Tiles

Romag is the UK’s leading supplier of Roof Integrated PV and we are finding that the majority of our house builder customers, whether they be one-off self-builders to the largest volume house builders in the UK, are switching from ‘On-roof’ systems to ...

Intecto Tile

This new Romag PV solution has put integrated photovoltaic technology into a standard roof tile. Not only is it comprehensively tested to IEC and MCS specifications, the Intecto roof tile will alleviate planning concerns by offering a more aesthetically pleasi...