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Other popular types of Sustainable Energy include; Wind Turbine, Roof Mounted Transpired Solar Collector and Solar Hot Water Collector.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Photovoltaic Panels (PV) include; Typical Building Sector, Certifications and Warranty.

Solar Carports

Are dual-purpose structures providing cover at the same time as generating green electricity with an income from the Feed In Tariff. Financially the solar carport structure will pay for itself with payback varying by location and orientation. Once the initial...

Solar Panels for Developers

Most housing developer’s initial impression of solar power has been supported by the myriad of retrofitted over-tile systems that have been installed, driven by the feed in tariff (FIT). Fitting such a system to a new carefully designed property seems contr...

PV Slates - Photovoltaic Panels (PV)

esigned to blend into the roof as seamlessly as possible, PV Slates are barely distinguishable from the slates surrounding them. As they’re available in both grey and black, they are suitable to be used with a variety of different slates and tiles. Just let ...

AES solar thermal modules

AES Solar thermal collectors are designed to be highly efficient, durable, yet extremely lightweight, allowing for easy installation and trouble-free operation for more than 25 years. Utilising a high efficiency, selectively coated aluminium absorber plate tha...

Roof Integrated PV Panels

The RIS system was designed in the UK by GB-Sol in 1994 and has evolved into the perfect solution for mounting integrated PV panels within a roof surface and to withstand all weather conditions experienced in the UK and beyond. In 2013 it was awarded a Solar ...

Solar Mounting Systems

t GB-Sol we provide a wide range of photovoltaic mounting systems and inverters to support every type of installation. As well as our traditional ‘Over Tile System’, we also provide our own ‘Roof Integrated System’ (RIS), which enables roofs to be fitt...

Integrated Solar

GB-Sol manufacture PV modules and integration systems for every type of building - from rail-mounted to architecturally integrated systems...