Search 1040+ Pendant Lights from leading General Purpose Lighting manufacturers including; Astro Lighting Ltd, Gotham and Thorn Lighting.

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Other popular types of General Purpose Lighting include; Wall Lighting , Downlighters and Within Ceiling Lighting.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Pendant Lights include; Max Wattage, IP Rating and Min Size (mm).

A65-P - Pendant Lights

A65 | A65 LED are particularly suitable for venues where people meet, such as hallways and staircases, meeting rooms, cafeterias and break zones, in cafés and restaurants and other public areas. These luminaires are both decorative and functional. In an offic...

A60-P - Pendant Lights

The organic-looking A60 luminaires are shaped like pebbles on a sea-shore. They are in three different sizes. All three sizes have different shapes and proportions. The acrylic shade has a high gloss finish in black or white. Underneath there is a cover plate ...

Alice P - Pendant Lights

The elegant Alice has a classic form and an attractive white opal glass shade, and is available in two sizes. The size and substantial light output of the larger version makes it suitable for large public spaces. The smaller version is particularly well suited...

D70-P - Pendant Lights

Glamox D70-P is a pendant downlight well suited for applications with high ceiling heights or for use in areas with slanted ceilings. This pendant version is a smart solution based on our surface mounted downlight. Select your preferred size, D70-S155 or D70-S...