Search 10+ Peepholes from leading Door Accessories manufacturers including; UAP TradeLocks, MAX6MUM SECURITY and ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Ltd.

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Other popular types of Door Accessories include; Door Handles, Door Locks and Door Hinges.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Peepholes include; Features, Finish(es) and Material.

Wide Angle Door Viewers

For ultimate door security consider a Wide Angle Door Viewer from MAX6MUM SECURITY. Get a better glimpse of who is on the other side of the door even if they are trying to conceal themselves with a simple, fast, and very effective installation. Boosting the ov...

uPVC Door Viewers

Aside from a quality lock you need to further strengthen your door security with a high quality uPVC Door Viewer from MAX6MUM SECURITY. Made only of the highest grade materials and developed for high effectiveness these door viewers are suitable for uPVC doors...