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Indian Sandstone - Steel Blue Limestone

ET Clay Products Ltd
The Steel Blue Limestone has a smooth surface made up of a splashing of turquoise and blue stone colours. Our Recommendation – We recommend using slate and dark edgings as a divider amongst the Steel Blue Limestone to create different areas....

Indian Sandstone - Carbon Black Limestone

ET Clay Products Ltd
Carbon Black Indian Limestone is a bold and striking colour. Our Recommendation -– We recommend using a dark pointing colour to help contrast the Carbon Black Limestone with red bricks for the adjacent building....

Indian Sandstone - Promenade Sandstone

ET Clay Products Ltd
By using a subtle arrangement of green and beige colours, the Promenade Indian Sandstone is a traditional classic. Our Recommendations – We recommend that to define different areas of your garden, use the Promenade Indian Sandstone on different levels of t...

Indian Sandstone - Heather Sandstone

ET Clay Products Ltd
Heather Indian Sandstone creates a distinctive rustic effect by off-setting buff, browns, greys and oranges amongst a face of pink and purple tones. Our Recommendations – We recommend using cobbles as an edging to create a authentic cottage styled garden....

Indian Sandstone - Harvest Sandstone

ET Clay Products Ltd
Harvest Indian Sandstone has an under layer of yellow, golden, grey, brown and cream colours, with a display of pink swirly tones....

Indian Sandstone - Golden Fossil Sandstone

ET Clay Products Ltd
Golden Fossil Indian Sandstone colour is made up from layers of buff, yellow, cream and white tones. This creates a perfect foundation for the rich splashes of dark fossil leaf and rich orange crusts. This look will give your garden a unique talking point. ...

Indian Sandstone - Lakeland Sandstone

ET Clay Products Ltd
Inspired by the Lake District, the Lakeland Sandstone combines scenic shades of soft grey, light brown and green tones....