Search 5 Passive Stack Ventilators from leading Natural Ventilators manufacturers including; Delta Ventilation Ltd, Breathing Buildings and Ventive Ltd.

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Other popular types of Natural Ventilators include; Ventilation Louvres, Roof Mounted Natural Ventilators and Window Mounted Natural Ventilators.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Passive Stack Ventilators include; Operation, Height and Thickness.

Lumera - Passive Stack Ventilators

Delta Ventilation Ltd
The Lumera is the solution for smoke and day-to-day ventilation in horizontal and low pitch structural glass roofs as the ventilator is planar glazed. The Lumera extracts large volumes of smoke, utilizing the buoyancy of hot gases in the rising plume. Natural...

Luma - Passive Stack Ventilators

Delta Ventilation Ltd
Glazed Casement Solution The Luma is the solution where internal and external appearance is important as all the control mechanisms are concealed within the framework. The Luma can be used both for smoke and day-to-day ventilation. The Luma extracts large vo...

Duo Therma

Delta Ventilation Ltd
Double Flap Smoke Ventilator Solution The Duo Therma is the solution for projects that require high acoustic or thermal performance together with low air leakage, for instance theatres, cold stores and schools. With achievable U values as low as 0.9W/m² deg ...