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Other popular types of Elevators & Escalators include; Parking Lifts, Goods Lifts and Escalators.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Passenger Lifts include; Finish(es), Material and Operation.

Residential Elevators

Innovate Lifting Systems Ltd
The Residential lift is fully automatic, and exceptionally smooth running. For multi-level access in your home, the Residential Elevator is the perfect choice. With all the expected benefits of an elevator, but with luxury styling and a choice of interior fin...

Service Lifts: 250 - 300 kg Range

Innovate Lifting Systems Ltd
Our small goods lift range is designed for lifting small goods. You can choose either our 250 kg or 300 kg models to suit your lifting requirements. The small goods lift requires minimum building works and can be install in matter of days....

Passenger Lifts

Innovate Lifting Systems Ltd
The Innovate range of passenger lifts feature the latest control technology and design in the car, controls and other assemblies....