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Qube Compact Home Lift

Axess 2 Ltd
The is has been designed to fit as efficiently as possible into homes with little or limited space. A wide range of internal and external finishes ensure the lift will blend seamlessly into any environment. With a lift travel height of up to 13 metres the Qu...

Liberty Low Rise Vertical Platform Lift

Axess 2 Ltd
Our Liberty low rise vertical platform lifts are becoming an increasingly popular option for people with limited mobility in the home, office and commercial environment. We know that your independence is essential and when it comes to investing your money, y...

Traction 600 (Galileo)

Axess 2 Ltd
Galileo is a 3, 4, 6 or 8 person passenger lift with a significant difference in design and technology, certified to three directives, (EN81-1 Lift Directive, EN81-21 Lift Directive for low pit and low headroom, and the machinery directive 2006/42/ec for res...


Axess 2 Ltd
Axess 2 offers quality and safe passenger lifts that suit your needs. One of our products is FlexyLIFT. FlexyLIFT means flexible dimensions: ideal for any building with pit and headroom limitations for rated load from 450kg to 1000kg. ...