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Other popular types of Stone & Aggregates include; Natural Aggregates, Acrylic Stone and Manufactured Aggregates.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Natural Stone include; Colour, Material and Thickness.

Flame Textured Blue Pennant

Forest Pennant
Forest Pennant has excavated further into the Barnhill quarry in Gloucestershire, to discover extensive reserves of rare Blue Pennant sandstone, establishing us as the only supplier of Blue Pennant in the UK. This source of the popular stone has been fully tes...

Architectural Walling

Forest Pennant
Offering a wide range of pennant sandstone building and walling products for commercial and domestic use, from retail space to private residential properties. Developed as an aesthetic, ‘green’ alternative to brick and concrete walling products. - Modern...

Sawn and Dressed Pitched Face

Forest Pennant
Sawn and dressed pitched face stone combines the beauty of natural stone with easy laying and consistent joint widths. The face of the stone is hand dressed to provide the popular surface finish seen on many buildings in South Wales, Bristol, Bath and Somerse...

Rockery and Natural Walling

Forest Pennant
Quarried Pennant walling and rockery is truly random and benefits from the complete natural colour range. From blue grey through to deep ochre, the colours associate with the natural fissures, that exist in the upper beds. Ideal for small rockery (laid by han...

Standing Stones

Forest Pennant
Feature and standing stones are part of the unique range of products being produced by Forest of Dean Stone Firms. Individual and unique shapes are our speciality, creating a wealth of bespoke environments tailored to your requirements....

Random Rectangular Cropped

Forest Pennant
Random rectangular building stone is produced from shallow bedded block stone which is split and cropped. This has proved very popular with building contractors, delivered in 1 tonne bags (approximately 4 sq/m of stone per bag)....