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Catcastle Grey Coarse grained brown/grey/variegated sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Quarried at Lartington near Barnard Castle in Teesdale, this quarry was initially opened up when the railway was laid over Deepdale valley on its route to Carlisle. Consequently the stone was used on many railway bridges North of York as well as the Abutme...

Corsehill Fine Grained Pink and Red Sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Extracted near Annan, Dumfriesshire, this stone was extensively quarried in the 1800s, and supplied to many prestigious projects throughout Britain, including the original pedastal to the Duke of Wellingtons Monument, (Admiralty Arch), Liverpool Street Sta...

Dunhouse Buff Fine grained creamy buff sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Extracted in the heart of Teesdale, Dunhouse Buff has proved popular for its blonde colouring, fine grain and consistency, making it ideal for carving and a good match for restoration and new build in city s such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle....

Catcastle Buff Medium Grained Buff, Grey and Variegated Sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Extracted near Blackburn in Lancashire, this buff gritstone has been quarried since the early 1940s._x000D_ Extensively used in the last 15 years on some of the largest buildings in Edinburgh including: The new Sheriffs Court building, the reclad of Natio...

Blaxter Medium grained honey and buff sandstone.

Dunhouse Quarry
Quarried near Otterburn in Northumberland, this fine-grained honey coloured stone has been quarried since the 1890 s and has been used for many prestigious buildings. In Newcastle it was used to supply the City Hall, the Postal Sorting Office and the Royal...

Elswick Grey Fine grained blue and grey sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
This stone was extracted in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and is a versatile stone that is available in large sizes. It is suitable for most applications including steps paving, ashlar and dressings....

Cop Crag Fine grained yellow and pink variegated sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Quarried near Otterburn in Northumberland, this is a very distinctive sandstone....

Dunhouse Blue Fine grained blue/grey sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Extracted in Lancashire this blue/grey sandstone has a very fine grain and is extremely durable due to its high strength and low porosity....

Bearl Sandstone Medium grained cream/buff variegated sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Quarried near Corbridge in Northumberland, Bearl is a light coloured medium grained sandstone that has mainly been used to build houses churches and bridges in its locality....

Northumberland Buff Medium grained honey/buff sandstone

Dunhouse Quarry
Quarried near Otterburn, Northumberland, this Honey coloured stone is fine grained, with a striped pattern running through it. Northumberland Buff is taken from the top seem of Blaxter quarry, which has been operated since the late 1800 s._x000D_ This sto...