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Other popular types of Wires & Meshes include; Expanded Mesh, Wire and Perforated Mesh.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Meshes include; Width, Finish(es) and Material.


Cadisch MDA
Vitramesh® is a mix of glass and mesh which creates one of the most stunning architectural products available today. A variety of meshes can be laminated within the glass, allowing us to use the effects of colour or mirror backing on the glass panels to c...


Cadisch MDA
Cerritec® is one of our most recent innovations and comes as a hybrid of our Meshtec and Welltec ranges. Each panel is completely individual and offers a stunning almost random beauty. It is ideal for internal use in ceilings and feature walls, but can be use...


Cadisch MDA
The Perftec® range offers a wide array of holes and patterns punched into metal sheets. Within this range is our innovative picperf® product, which gives us the ability to create stunning hi resolution images using different hole sizes. A large variety of me...


Cadisch MDA
We are committed to finding and offering the most comprehensive and diverse range of finishes in the industry today. The Xerotec range of patinas offer all the heritage of aged copper or rusted Corten but with the safety of a coated finish; this means that th...


Cadisch MDA
Our original core products of woven and welded materials have been used in architecture for years and have transformed the way we think about mesh. ...