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Other popular types of Special Purpose Lighting include; Display Lighting, Daylighting Luminaires and Commercial Lighting.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Medical / Healthcare Lighting include; Colour(s), Depth and Diameter.


"Aim gives the professional healthcare market the best light in its category. It provides the best working environment for efficient, comfortable and safe procedures. It is highly flexible, positions exactly where it is needed and provides one of the best leve...

Wave LED

"Wave LED is a magnifier for industrial applications. Wave LED offer shadow-free magnification with light coming from both sides, as well as three-dimensional magnification with light coming from the left or right. The 3D-feature is especially welcome when wor...


"KFM LED has a robust all-metal construction with a sleek design, a flexible arm and excellent light output. It is suitable for all industrial purposes, for work in beauty parlours, clinics and laboratories, and as a tool for people with impaired vision. ...

Carelite LED - New generation

The new Carelite is a natural development of our original patient’s bed head luminaire, which can be found in hospital wards and patient rooms all over the world. It is the use of modern LED light sources that has made it possible to reduce the size of...

Luxo Maximum

"The maximum arm has been developed specifically for use with monitors and patient terminals. It offers a long reach, perfect balance, and maximum vertical and horizontal movement. It is easily repositioned as required. Wiring is built into the arm, allowing c...


The C60-S are tested and certified in accordance with the toughest ISO requirements for sterile rooms. Together with excellent lighting technology, well considered material choice the C60-S is designed for easy maintenance and long useful life. Cover in 4...