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Other popular types of Outdoor & Street Furniture include; Outdoor Seating, Cycle Stands / Blocks and Shelters.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Litter Bins include; Finish(es), Height and Colour.

Broadway Athens

Street Space Group
With the same clean design theme as the table and bench set, the Broadway athens™ Litter Bin has the strength and long lasting credentials typical of these hardwood products. The Broadway athens™ has a covered top, locking door with continuous stainless s...

Broadway Madrid

Street Space Group
This circular stainless steel litter is the perfect counterpart to the other products in the Broadway madrid™ range, with its tough yet aesthetically pleasing design. The Broadway madrid™ Litter Bin has a tilting container making it quick, practical and hy...

Broadway Hanover

Street Space Group
This softwood litter bin is an attractive addition to complement the Broadway hanover™ range of seating and planters. Available with a lid or open topped, the Broadway hanover™ Litter Bins come with a 40 litre capacity removable galvanised liner....