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Premium Slimline Piezo Keypad

GB Locking Systems Ltd
GB Locking System’s Piezo Kepyad is simple to install and user friendly. This aesthetically designed and vandal resistant keypad is suitable for up to 200 users. Slim and secure with no moving parts, this keypad is manufactured to the highest standards for e...

High Security Randomised Scramble Keypad

GB Locking Systems Ltd
The Scramble keypad's design prevents onlookers from detecting the code being entered. Unlike a conventional keyboard, there are no surface markings for the keys. Only a user standing directly in front of the keyboard can see the scrambled digits. An intern...

Strikemaster Vandal Resistant Keypad

GB Locking Systems Ltd
Secure, self-contained keypad and controller for electrically operated locks and strikes. Authorised personnel can use their PIN code to open either one or two normally locked doors. Up to 50 different 4, 5 or 6 digit codes can be individually programmed. E...

User Friendly Waterproof Braille Keypad

GB Locking Systems Ltd
GB Locking System’s new fully sealed polycarbonate Piezo backlit Braille keypad is easy to install and user friendly. It provides the ultimate solution for high traffic access control, single door and stand-alone installations. These vandal resistant keypads...