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Other popular types of Internal Wall Finishes include; Wall Covering Sheets, Internal Cladding and Internal Mouldings.

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Adora - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Adora combines the classical elegance of famous Carrara marble from Toscana Region with aesthetic forms. The contemporary interpretations of floral patterns are complemented with geometric images. Offering a brand new solution for the walls with its 25x70 cm s...

Sepia - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Sepia adorns walls with all the hues of brown. On mocha and crème background, the floral decorations create either a shady effect or a sense of being ornamented with pearl drops. Striped décor alternatives carry the spaces into different dimensions with thei...

Network - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Black and white combinations of modern and dynamic Network line offer a vigorous contrast on the walls. Mink, pink and cream alternatives bring a soft and natural touch on spaces. Also the green and blue colour options of the line appeal to those who a differe...

Balance - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Balance presents the magnificence of the 3rd dimension with its relief patterns. It conveys a different elegance to the walls with its ultra-modern colour-gradient patterns, adorned with metallic imprints. Balance line has white, black, mint, pink and cream co...

Tale - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Tale cut décors rally VitrA Tiles' most admired porcelain series, such as Pompei, New Age, Microtec, N. Quartzite and Cerini, to contribute a pure and natural elegance to both these series and all other series with a natural stone look. Thank to the cut piece...

Plain Tile

Vitra Tiles
Incorporating elegance and minimalism together, these wall tiles offer a fashionable interpretation of glossy, plain colours in 25x70 size. While they can be used in combination with the décors of Balance and Network series, for a naive but modern design, the...

Valore - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Valore brings black and white background and platinum patterns together. Drawing attention with its shininess, this line enables creation of various combinations....

Dreamlike - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Dreamlike creates difference in spaces thanks to its wooden texture. It adds a modest elegance to the walls with metallic imprints on its colourful background. Besides its contrasting colours, such as red, anthracite and white, it also draws attention with its...

Legend - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Legend provides fluency on walls thanks to its consecutive relief pattern. The line offers an elegant and modern interpretation of mocha, crème, anthracite and white. As well as it can be used in combination with metallic stripes, the line does not need any d...

Sublime - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Sublime appeals to those who cannot give up of the white colour. It offers a timeless, noble and classic elegance with its striped elegant patterns and embossed relief borders....

Lily - Internal Wall Tiles

Vitra Tiles
Lily plants modernized floral patterns on the walls. Its offers combinations that reflect the spring season with its bright crème, mink and grey colour options....


Vitra Tiles
Technorient offers a modern interpretation of traditional patterns. The finish of the tiles creates a 3-D feeling. Providing elegant solutions for all the spaces of residential areas, from bathrooms to bedrooms and saloons, this line is offered with mocha, tau...