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Other popular types of Internal Wall Finishes include; Wall Covering Sheets, Internal Cladding and Internal Mouldings.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Internal Wall Tiles include; Type, Colour and Finish(es).

Premier - Fair Faced Facing Masonry

Lignacite Ltd
Premier Facing Masonry range is now available in three subtle finishes “Natural,” “Textured” and “Planished” with each finish offering a distinct appearance. The blocks can be used internally or externally, allowing designers to be creative yet saf...

Ashlite - Medium Dense Block

Lignacite Ltd
Ashlite is a medium density, loadbearing units, suitable for general purpose walling applications. Ashlite combines good all round technical performance with a high content of recycled material. Ashlite is a medium density concrete block manufactured from 1...

Original - Polished, Planished, Split, Weathered & Textured Facing Masonry

Lignacite Ltd
Original Facing Masonry products are designed for internal or external situations combining inherent self-finished decorative appeal with strength and durability. Manufactured from cement, sand, UV stable pigments and a portfolio of natural aggregates in a ...

Roman Brick - Facing Masonry Blocks

Lignacite Ltd
Lignacite s Roman Bricks are available in a range of colours, textures and finishes, offering a contemporary and flexible module for Architects and Designers. The Roman Brick is either cut from our standard size block, or formed in a special block machine m...

Innovations in Facing Masonry

Lignacite Ltd
Re-Cycled Glass - Highly decorative and available in a Polished or Planished finish. Contains 37% recycled material. Durable and suitable for flooring or exposed elevations. Glow in the Dark - Made from powder coated, recycled glass. This product captures e...

Riverbed - Split Facing Masonry

Lignacite Ltd
Riverbed Facing Masonry blocks designed for internal or external situations. This range offers a different palette of colours and the blocks exhibit more earthy tones. Natural - Suitable where crisp precision of surface finish is required. In Amber colour ...

SaharaLITE - Fair Faced Masonry

Lignacite Ltd
Sahara LITE represents the point where our Commodity and Facing Masonry ranges overlap. Sahara LITE is a variation of the Lignacite medium density block that our company has been manufacturing for over 60 years. We discovered that by substituting OPC for whi...

Special Shapes - Facing Masonry

Lignacite Ltd
Lignacite Ltd has been producing shaped units for over fifty years. We manufacture an extensive range of standard cut, cut and bonded and cast shapes. In addition, special units can be produced to designers’ specifications. Whilst our blocks and shapes ar...