Search 6 In-situ Roof Finishes from leading Roof Finishes manufacturers including; Rooflock, Bitufa (UK) Ltd and Allbase Coatings.

You can see a full list of manufacturers of In-situ Roof Finishes here.

Other popular types of Roof Finishes include; Roof Tiles, Roof Membranes and Roof Trims.

Important criteria to consider when specifying In-situ Roof Finishes include; Colour, CE Marking and Diameter.

Rooflock Tape for creating stronger, longer lasting repairs in Grey and Black

Rooflock Tape is an extremely high performance, all-purpose waterproofing tape for a very strong durable bond to almost any surface, sealing in seconds. Successfully. Widely used in the roofing and maintenance industries as a long-term roof leak repair prod...