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2704 Advanced Multi-loop Temperature Controllers

Eurotherm Ltd
Its user interface incorporates a bright dot matrix display, providing extreme flexibility and ease of use. It is a highly configurable product offering many features previously only found in programmable logic controllers (PLC). This enables systems to be i...

2216e, 2208e and 2204e Controller / Programmer

Eurotherm Ltd
The hardware is configurable for heating, cooling or alarms. All instruments are fully configurable on-site. Modular heating and cooling outputs Modular heating and cooling outputs are provided with a choice of one or two alarm relay outputs. The 1/8 and 1...

2408 and 2404 Controller / Programmers

Eurotherm Ltd
The 2404/2408 is a versatile, high stability temperature or process controller, with self and adaptive tuning, in 1/4 DIN and 1/8 DIN sizes. It comes with a standard 8 segment setpoint programmer, with options for one, four or twenty programs of 16 segments ea...

3504, 3508 - Precision control of temperature and process variables

Eurotherm Ltd
The latest range of advanced process controllers from Eurotherm provide precision control of temperature and a host of other process variables together with an abundance of advanced options making it the most adaptable product in its class....

3204, 3216, 3208, 32h8 Temperature / Process Controllers

Eurotherm Ltd
The innovative range of 3200 series controller offers precision control of temperature and other process variables together with a host of advanced features not normally found in this class of controller....

piccolo™ Controller P116 / P108 / P104

Eurotherm Ltd
piccolo™ controllers offer precision PID control of temperature and other processes with many advanced features not normally found in this class of controllers....

2604 Advanced Process Controller / Programmer

Eurotherm Ltd
The 2604 is a 1/4 DIN plug-in high stability temperature and process controller designed to be used in demanding applications. It has a dual five digit display and a two line LCD panel for alarm, status and user defined messages....

2132 Temperature Controller

Eurotherm Ltd
The compact, 1/32 panel size, 2132 temperature controller uses advanced PID algorithms to give stable 'straight line' temperature control.  Self-tuning is included to optimize the control performance without the need for specialist knowledge or training....

2400i Indicator and Alarm Unit

Eurotherm Ltd
The 2408i provides you with accurate indication and alarming of temperature and process measurements. Process interlocks, including over temperature furnace limits, are implemented using relay outputs....