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Important criteria to consider when specifying Heaters include; Depth, Width and Max Power.

LST Panel Heater (Series 8)

Nobo Heating
The NOBO LST range meets the NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes on 'Safe Hot Water and Surface Temperature', as the surface temperature does not exceed 43°C at full output.  Suitable for use in sheltered accommodation, retirement homes, healthcare, public wa...

C4N (Series 8)

Nobo Heating
The C4N is a classic, slimline heater available in outputs ranging from 500w to 2kW. This is a heater for all applications, and with an unobtrusive design and quality finish it provides a clean and elegant heating solution for the home, office, hotel or commer...

E4EU (Series 14)

Nobo Heating
Simple, understated, practical, economical. Admired for their unfaltering reliability, unprecedented heating options and cost effectiveness, this robust and stylish range of products is used extensively across both domestic and commercial applications....