HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) allow you to alter and maintain a comfortable indoor environment, providing a comfortable temperature and an acceptable level of indoor air quality. Cooling systems, on the other hand, are often used to keep a room, environment, or mechanical element cool.

HVAC and Cooling Systems include everything you need to maintain the temperature and air quality of a room, space, or building – think air conditioning and ventilation systems and accessories, boilers, burners, central heating elements, chimneys, fireplaces, heat pumps, natural ventilators, transpired solar collectors, and more.

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Minitec Underfloor Heating System

Uponor Ltd
Designed as a retrofit solution, the main advantage of Uponor Minitec is its low installation height. In fact, it contains the lowest build height on the market- 15mm With no over boarding required, a variety of different floor coverings can be applied on to...

Siccus Underfloor Heating System

Uponor Ltd
Lightweight design with low height Uponor Siccus underfloor heating has been developed for use with suspended timber floors. The system is suitable for new constructions as well as for modernising old buildings and results in a minimal construction height of ...

Ecoflex Thermo PRO

Uponor Ltd
The ideal solution for energy efficient heating water distribution in local heating networks, giving a market leading performance. The Thermo PRO Twin combines the flow and return lines in one flexible pipe system. Each of the pipes are marked for identificati...

Vario B Compact Control Pack

Uponor Ltd
Suitable for up to 15kW heating load, this compact lightweight underfloor thermostatic mixing control set comes complete with Wilo Yono Para pump and safety high limit sensor. The unit has been designed for direct connection to heating manifolds with 225mm pip...

Ecoflex Thermo

Uponor Ltd
The ideal solution for distributing heating water in local heat supply networks, or for connecting building complexes and single houses. The Thermo Twin version also combines flow and return lines in a flexible pipe system. The dog bone structure helps identif...

Vario B Manifold Underfloor Heating

Uponor Ltd
The Uponor Vario B Manifold is specifically designed for use of Underfloor heating applications. It's clear flowmeters allow for easy setting of the flow rates for the manifold, they come with a locking ring to prevent tampering. Return valve pins come complet...

Smatrix Wave Controls

Uponor Ltd
The intelligent control system with auto-balancing Developed to fully leverage the advantages of a radiant system, Uponor Smatrix increases energy-efficiency while ensuring optimal comfort in every single room. With intelligent room, zone and supply water con...

Comfort E Underfloor Heating - Cable Mat

Uponor Ltd
This mat fits perfectly under all floor finishes and incorporates an ultra-thin 3mm cable, which ensures that building heights are kept to a minimum. Thanks to the unique sew-up matting, installation is quick and easy without the need for any cables to be upli...

Comfort E Underfloor Heating - Aluminium Mat

Uponor Ltd
The aluminium electric underfloor heating foil mat (Ultralow 2mm) is the perfect solution for wooden floor systems, as it can be laid discreetly underneath, making it an ideal solution for renovations. TIP: Save energy and reduce step noise by using Uponor 6mm...

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