HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) allow you to alter and maintain a comfortable indoor environment, providing a comfortable temperature and an acceptable level of indoor air quality. Cooling systems, on the other hand, are often used to keep a room, environment, or mechanical element cool.

HVAC and Cooling Systems include everything you need to maintain the temperature and air quality of a room, space, or building – think air conditioning and ventilation systems and accessories, boilers, burners, central heating elements, chimneys, fireplaces, heat pumps, natural ventilators, transpired solar collectors, and more.

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Hyfra Sigma Series

F&R Products Limited
General Features: New generation of micro channel, high efficiency aluminium multichannel condensers with protection grills Fully hermetic scroll type gas cooled compressor Generous capacity self insulating PE tank: ensuring stable and accurate temperature con...

Fully Packaged Range

F&R Products Limited
Industry relies on water to cool much of its reduction machinery, the cooling of this essential resource can be achieved in a number of ways: Using water… straight off the mains via evaporative cooling towers through dry air coolers via a refrigeration sys...

RCU Range - Refrigeration Equipment

F&R Products Limited
British made Packaged Water Chillers that can be considered to be the most versatile in the market today. Designed to fulfil a great number of applications, coil-in-tank water chillers as standard are able to cope with: High water flow Low water flow Water te...

eChilly Range - Process Water Coolers

F&R Products Limited
Popular range of low cost packaged water chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 0.5kW to 6.8kW whilst operating in ambients up to 42°C. Compact in size, they are designed to fit below or on top of a bench and emit a noise level of only 65 to 70db’A...

Freestanding Range - Flat Bed Dry Air Coolers

F&R Products Limited
The flat bed range of air blast liquid coolers have been designed to fulfil a wide range of cooling needs in the industrial process cooling market. Efficient, economical and easy to operate, special attention being given in their design to achieve optimum the...

SCU Range - Refrigeration Equipment

F&R Products Limited
SCU Range Fully self contained with all operations and safety controls. 5 models 1.4 – 8.1kW nominal capacity. Non-ferrous high pressure pump circuit. Low operating noise levels. 1.Lockable control panel 2.Sound insulation material 3.Electrical control box ...

Gamma Range

F&R Products Limited
Chillers for Oils and Emulsion Fluids Range of 14 units with duties from 3.6kW up to 84kW (smaller duties available – see TRK range) Chillers for emulsion fluids (max 5% oil in fluid) Chillers for oils (max viscosity ISO VG 32) Compact size (only 1m2 with d...

TRK-Chilly Range

F&R Products Limited
Small Chillers for Oils and Emulsion Fluids Range of 4 units with duties from 2.1kW up to 5.5kW (larger duties – see GAMMA range) Chillers for emulsion fluids (max 5% oil in fluid) Chillers for oils (max viscosity ISO VG 32) Compact Immersion chillers easy ...


F&R Products Limited
VP Chillers  Fully self contained with all operating and safety controls.  Models – 6-120kW nominal capacity.  Non ferrous high pressure pump circuit  Fluid leaving temperatures from +20°C to –10°C in ambients up to 43°C  Multi circuits a...

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