Grout is a particularly fluid form of concrete that is used to fill in gaps, for example to embed rebars in masonry walls or seal joints between tiles. Grout is typically a mixture of water, cement, sand, and usually a tint of colour.
There are a wide variety of different grout varieties available, including tiling grout, flooring grout, resin grout, non-shrink-grout, and structural grout, which are suitable for a wide range of applications and purposes.
Using SpecifiedBy, you can source and compare an extensive range of Grouts from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including CETCO, Codex, Dunlop, Hilti, K Rend, Mapei UK, Norcros Adhesives, Smet Building Products Ltd, Stonefix, Brit Adhesives Limited, and more.
Search and compare grouting products and solutions such as flexible wall grout, Epoxy grout, rapid set paving grout, 4 into 1 grout, flexible designer tile grout, stop mould flexible wall grout, anti-mould grout with microban, and more.

Sopro DF 10 Flexible Designer Tile Grout

Smet Building Products Ltd
Sopro DF 10® Flexible Designer Tile Grout is a strong, flexible, rapid-set, cementitious tile grout, meeting CG2 WA requirements to DIN EN 13 888, for grouting all types of ceramic and natural stone coverings to produce brilliantly coloured, lime-film-free fi...

Streetscape® Sopro EPF 594 Two Component Epoxy Paving Grout

Smet Building Products Ltd
A water-emulsifiable, two-component epoxy resin grout for natural stone, concrete and clay paving units in areas subject to light to medium duty. For grouting outdoor natural stone, concrete and clay segmental pavements of bound construction (i.e. rigidly inst...