Grout is a particularly fluid form of concrete that is used to fill in gaps, for example to embed rebars in masonry walls or seal joints between tiles. Grout is typically a mixture of water, cement, sand, and usually a tint of colour.
There are a wide variety of different grout varieties available, including tiling grout, flooring grout, resin grout, non-shrink-grout, and structural grout, which are suitable for a wide range of applications and purposes.
Using SpecifiedBy, you can source and compare an extensive range of Grouts from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including CETCO, Codex, Dunlop, Hilti, K Rend, Mapei UK, Norcros Adhesives, Smet Building Products Ltd, Stonefix, Brit Adhesives Limited, and more.
Search and compare grouting products and solutions such as flexible wall grout, Epoxy grout, rapid set paving grout, 4 into 1 grout, flexible designer tile grout, stop mould flexible wall grout, anti-mould grout with microban, and more.

webertec EP pourable grout - Precision Grouting

Saint-Gobain Weber
High-strength, chemically-resistant grout. webertec EP pourable grout is specially formulated from epoxy resin and graded aggregates producing materials with exceptional toughness, chemical resistance, good flow characteristics and negligible shrinkage. ...

webertec cable grout - Precision Grouting

Saint-Gobain Weber
Fast-setting pourable grout for filling cable slots. webertec cable grout is a three-component low-modulus, semi-flexible polyester resin compound for filling cable slots. Can be used in asphalt, bitumen and concrete surfaces. Use for gaps 5mm to 16mm wide....

weberjoint premium - Joint (Tile Grouts)

Saint-Gobain Weber
Premium flexible wall & floor tile grout which is scratch-resistant, water-repellent and contains PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology. Suitable for interior and exterior use in situations where some movement or vibration is expected. About this product weberj...

webercem grout ECO - Precision Grouting

Saint-Gobain Weber
General-purpose, 'non-shrink' cementitious grout. webercem grout eco is a premixed, non-shrink cementitious grout developed for applications where a cost-efficient grout with adequate flow and strength is required. webercem grout eco is designed primarily a...

Five Star Grout - Precision Grouting

Saint-Gobain Weber
General-purpose, shrinkage compensated, cementitious grout for dry packing, grouting, bolt fixing and bedding of machinery. Five Star Grout is a premixed cementitious grout developed for applications where an economical grout with good flow and strength is ...

Five Star Grout SP - Precision Grouting

Saint-Gobain Weber
High-flow, high-strength, shrinkage-compensated, cementitious precision grout. Five Star grout SP is a premixed cementitious grout similar to standard Five Star grout, developed for applications where an economical grout with good flow and retention of flow...

webertec EP TAG - Grouting

Saint-Gobain Weber
High-strength anchoring for horizontal bars or bolts. webertec EP TAG is a specially formulated epoxy resin system for securing horizontal fixings, such as dowel bars, starter bars, threaded studding and bolts into concrete or brickwork. A high strength, co...

webetec grout FG - Precision Grouting

Saint-Gobain Weber
Fast-setting, high strength flowing grout. webertec grout FG is a three-component polyester grout for anchoring and fixing. Fast-setting for rapid installation and can be used down to 0°C. Flowing grout to fill gaps of between 5mm up to 90mm dependent upon...