Grout is a particularly fluid form of concrete that is used to fill in gaps, for example to embed rebars in masonry walls or seal joints between tiles. Grout is typically a mixture of water, cement, sand, and usually a tint of colour.
There are a wide variety of different grout varieties available, including tiling grout, flooring grout, resin grout, non-shrink-grout, and structural grout, which are suitable for a wide range of applications and purposes.
Using SpecifiedBy, you can source and compare an extensive range of Grouts from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including CETCO, Codex, Dunlop, Hilti, K Rend, Mapei UK, Norcros Adhesives, Smet Building Products Ltd, Stonefix, Brit Adhesives Limited, and more.
Search and compare grouting products and solutions such as flexible wall grout, Epoxy grout, rapid set paving grout, 4 into 1 grout, flexible designer tile grout, stop mould flexible wall grout, anti-mould grout with microban, and more.

Brillant Color Xtra

Flexible colour grout for jointing ceramic tiles/ slabs with more absorbent characteristics, natural and artificial stone coverings which are not sensitive to discoloration as well as ceramic coatings with sensitive glazes. The product is also suitable for hea...

Brillant Cristal

For the jointing of natural stone floor covering, all ceramic floor coverings and glass mosaic sensitive and not sensitive to discolouration. Because of the crystalline water retention efflorescence and edge discolouration of coarse-crystalline bright natural ...

Epo Tix L - Grouts

The product is a conductive two component epoxy jointing mass/ adhesive mass for laying and grouting conductive, ceramic tile flooring. For use in areas in which possible electrostatic charges have to be conducted away safely and where the highest of demands a...

Epo Floor - Grouts

Two component epoxy-resin grout and adhesive for chemical resistant and water impermeable grouting of large and small format ceramic tiles and mosaics, as well as glass tiles and mosaics on interior and exterior wall and floor tiling. Suitable for/ on: - Swim...

Epo Tix - Grouts

Two component epoxy-resin grout and adhesive compound for chemical resistant and waterproof grouting of ceramic tiles, mosaics, glass tiles as well as natural stone on interior and exterior walls and floors. Suitable for/ on: - Swimming pools, spa and thermal...

Brillant Objekt

For grouting of ceramic tiling with absorbent behaviour, e.g. stoneware. For tiling materials that have low or no absorbency, such as glass mosaics. However, a little longer waiting time must be allowed before washing off the surface. Codex Brillant Objekt me...

Brillant XL

Wide-joint grout mortar for grouting ceramic wall and floor tiling in interior and exterior locations. For joint widths from 3–20 mm. Suitable for/ on: - Stoneware. - Brick tiles, cotto, clinker. - Natural stone that is not prone to discoloration. - Warm wa...