Search 10+ Grass Protection from leading Landscaped Areas manufacturers including; Groundtrax Systems Ltd, GCL Products Ltd and Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd.

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Other popular types of Landscaped Areas include; Flagpoles, Landscape Decking and External Planters.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Grass Protection include; Total Weight (m2), Width and Length.

CellPave GP - No-Dig Interlocking Matting

Groundtrax Systems Ltd
CellPave GP from Groundtrax is a durable, easy-to-lay paving system. Made from 100% recycled material and is compliant to permeable paving regulations offering an 85% void for excellent water permeation. CellPave GP is unique amongst it’s competitors beca...

GrassProtecta - Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Groundtrax Systems Ltd
GrassProtecta heavy-duty polyethylene mesh reinforces grassed surfaces prone to wear and smearing e.g. permanent car parking and heavily-used pedestrian areas. The oscillated mesh structure provides greater traction and significantly higher slip resistance whe...

CellPave AP - Anchored Ground Reinforcement Paver

Groundtrax Systems Ltd
CellPave AP from Groundtrax is a ‘no-dig’ anchored ground reinforcement paving tile. Ideal for any number of uses and situations such as vehicle parking, access tracks, airfields, helipads, farms, parks, caravan parks, equine showgrounds, driveways, law...

CellPave 40 - Interlocking Cellular Paving Grid

Groundtrax Systems Ltd
CellPave 40 grass and gravel pavers are an interlocking cellular paving grid system for grass and ground reinforcement applications where there is regular pedestrian or vehicle use. CellPave 40 permeable paving grids can be installed with either a grass or ...

BodPave 85 - Plastic Cellular Pavers

Groundtrax Systems Ltd
BodPave 85 grass pavers / paving grids are a strong interlocking 100% recycled cellular porous plastic paving grid system for grass reinforcement, ground stabilisation & gravel retention for regular trafficked surfaces (pedestrian and vehicles). BodPave 85 ...