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Lacobel T - Toughened Glass

AGC Glass UK
Toughenable painted glass Float glass covered on one side with an enamel paint that must be heat-treated. Glossy uniform appearance. Available in 15 trendsetting colours to offer a wide range of style choices. Can be used indoors (furniture and wall coveri...

Matelac T - Toughened Glass

AGC Glass UK
Float glass with an acid-etched surface on one side and covered with high quality paint that must be heat-treated on the other side. After heat treatment Matelac T is a true enameled glass. First painted glass with a satin finish that processors can immediat...

iplus - Thermal Control Glazing Units

AGC Glass UK
The 'plus' in our iplus range equates to high thermal insulation, high solar gains and high light transmission. Perfect for home or apartments where the principal purpose is to take in as much light and energy from the sun as possible, these neutral-looking lo...

ipasol - Solar-control Glazing Units

AGC Glass UK
The products in the ipasol range represent top-class solar-control glazing. The performance of solar-control glazing depends on various parameters such as total solar energy transmittance, light transmittance, thermal insulation, transparency and colour neutra...

Imagin wired

AGC Glass UK
GLASSES WITH INTEGRATED WIRE MESH AGC IMAGIN WIRED offers clear glasses, with or without a patterned structure and with an integrated wire mesh. The integrated metal mesh holds the glass in place if the glass is broken. Main benefit of wired glasses: their fla...

Artlite - Toughened Glass

AGC Glass UK
DECORATIVE TOUGHENED AND ENAMELLED GLASSES Toughened glasses partially coated with enamel using a silkscreen process. Geometric or figurative designs for use in decorative and solar control applications. The decorative toughened and enamelled glasses feature ...

Heat treated glass

AGC Glass UK
GLASSES CAN BE HEAT-TREATED TO INCREASE THEIR RESISTANCE TO MECHANICAL AND THERMAL STRESSES There are three types of heat treatment: - heat-strengthened glass - thermally toughened glass - thermally toughened and Heat-Soak treated glass When broken, therma...