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Modal - Curtain Walling

Comprehensive Range of Module Options. MODAL is a highly engineered modular framing system, which has a comprehensive range of options, including the first fully integrated opening vents for low rise glazing, allowing architects to create design-orientated, en...

MX Trame - Curtain Walling

A Bespoke Appearance for the Façade. MX Trame has a pioneering design, which uses projecting aerofoil transom caps to add depth to the façade whilst slender face trim gaskets, that are flush with the front face of the infill, soften the corresponding vertica...

MX Acoustic

Additional noise protection. MX Acoustic is an option for both MX Visible Grid and MX Trame Horizontale for applications where additional acoustic performance is required, such as city centre apartments, hospitals, student accommodation and buildings near airp...

MX Visible Grid

Versatile Glazing Solutions for Flat or Faceted Façades...

MX Toggle - Curtain Walling

Facade GEODE Mechanical Structural Glazing (Toggle) is a technical option allowing the realization of flush glass façades without additional frames bonded on the glasses. The glazed units are mechanically fixed to the aluminium structure with aluminium bracke...

MX62 - Curtain Walling

Larger Glass Sizes to Maximise Natural Light. MX62 gives specifiers the option of a 62mm module for the MX Visible Grid vertical façade to allow glazed units in larger sizes to be accommodated, maximising natural light....

MX Sloped - Curtain Walling

Imaginative Façade Design. The MX system allows sloped glazing to be created in MX Visible Grid or MX Trame Verticale, giving specifiers the flexibility to construct sloped roofs, atria, canopies, valleys and pyramids, which are fully compatible and visually ...