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Other popular types of Film & Foil include; Waterproofing Membranes, Timber-Based Boards and Plastic Sheets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Glass include; Thickness, Typical Use and Material.

Fire Resistant Glass

Wright Style Limited
Fire Resistant Glass We can supply a huge range of fire resistant glass. The type of glass supplied will of course depend on the specifications and the framing system being used. There are basically two types of fire resistant glass. Integrity Only...

Bomb Resistant & Blast Resistant Glass

Wright Style Limited
Bomb resistant glass is designed as a primary protection product, for use in our tested bomb resistant steel glazing systems. Fragmentation The glass prevents the fragmentation associated with normal glass. This is widely acknowledged as the main cause...

Bullet Resistant Glass

Wright Style Limited
To compliment our ballistic steel glazing systems, we offer a complete range of bullet resistant glass, tested to all classes of weapons. Range of Bullet Resistant Glass Our range of ballistic steel glazing systems and glass have been tested to the fol...