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Other popular types of Film & Foil include; Waterproofing Membranes, Timber-Based Boards and Plastic Sheets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Glass include; Thickness, Typical Use and Material.

Toughened Laminated Glass Products

Kite Glass Ltd
Kite Glass is one of the UK’s leading toughened glass suppliers of: architectural, laminated, security, blast resistant, decorative and bullet proof glass. We supply and install toughened laminated glass for: Our philosophy is simple and straightforward ...

Architectural Glass

Kite Glass Ltd
Architectural Glass Over the past two decades, architects have benefited from cutting edge technology advancements in interlayer glass products that have been developed for external and internal architectural glass solutions. Today our capital cities and busi...

Decorative Glass

Kite Glass Ltd
Decorative Glass As leading UK specialist decorative glass manufacturers, Kite Glass has been manufacturing and supplying laminated decorative glass for over a decade. Today, following advancements in interlayering, we manufacture, supply and install laminate...

Blast Resistant Glass

Kite Glass Ltd
Blast Resistant Glass Why do we need blast glass? Flying glass shards caused by the pressure of explosions, which come into contact with individuals, can cause huge casualties. The threat of terrorism and violent criminal activity has focused the minds of g...

Bulletproof Glass

Kite Glass Ltd
Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof glass, otherwise known as ballistic glass or bullet resistant glass, forms part of the Kite Glass range of glass security products. What is bulletproof glass made of? All products are manufactured in the UK by Kite Glass. We use ...

Security Glass

Kite Glass Ltd
Security Glass Kite Glass manufactures a range of security glass products, designed to address the needs of environments where people need to be protected. Depending on the level of threat or security needs of the building, Kite Glass can assist with recommen...